multi-purpose cleaning antiseptic wet wipes

China Antiseptic Disinfectant Wipes for Personal and ...- multi-purpose cleaning antiseptic wet wipes ,Antiseptic disinfectant wipes for personal and household 20pcs pack Specification Effectively protect your body - Disinfectant wipes are suitable for wiping the surface of objects like hands toys phones laptops handles elevator rails elevator buttons public facilities etc,and can be used for home, travel, hotel, restaurant, kitchen, office, exhibition occasions etc.Lyreco Multi-Purpose Wipes 100-WipesLyreco's own-branded, multi-purpose cleaning wipes are the ideal solution for quick and easy cleaning at your workspace. A resealable tub allows you to use the wipes as and when needed, without drying out. Refills available (322.263) The wipes contain anti-bacterial agents, able to effectively disinfect hard surfaces in your workspace.