customized soft cleaning baby wipes

PAMPER'S BABY WET WIPES **FRESH CLEAN** SOFT GENTLE FRESH ...- customized soft cleaning baby wipes ,Pampers Fresh Clean Baby wipes 12 Packs = 624 Wipes. All our precious sweethearts deserve loving care through a gentle cleansing. That is why Pampers Fresh Clean baby wipes combine their balanced moisture to make the skin feel cleaner and maintain the natural pH value.Custom Promotional Personalized Hand Sanitizer WipesPromotional hand sanitizer is an easy and affordable way to get your brand noticed, and wet wipes are a great way to get started! Perfect for new business looking to advertise on a budget, our custom wet wipe hand sanitizers start at only 30¢ for an individual wipe. All under $1.00, wet wipe hand sanitizers have a lot of uses, and are used by many