branded antibacterial surface cleaning wipes

How to Choose Safe Cleaning Wipes + 9 Brands to Avoid- branded antibacterial surface cleaning wipes ,Ingredients to Avoid in Cleaning Wipes. There are several ingredients to avoid when looking for surface wipes to send to school with your kids. Keep this list handy and you'll be able to tell which products to stay away from just by reading the label. Synthetic fragrance is the most common offender with its 3,000 ingredient umbrella.10 Best Disinfectant Wipes 2020 - Wonderful Engineering7. Green Works Compostable Cleaning Wipe, Biodegradable Cleaning Wipes, Original Fresh, 186 Wipes . Similar to the Cleanwell Botanical Disinfecting Wipes, these disinfecting wipes feature 186 wipes and provide an eco-friendly solution to getting rid of viruses and bacteria from any surface, either hard or soft.