best wipe warmer for disposable wipes

Top 5 Best Baby Wipe Warmer | 2020 Reviews | ParentsNeed- best wipe warmer for disposable wipes ,Like most diaper wipe warmers, it is top-heated keeping the top most good wipes warmest. Take note that the wipes at the bottom of the baby wipes heater takes a while to heat up. So, keeping a halfway to almost full warmer will get the best out of your wipe warmers.Top 6 Best Wipe Warmers 2019: A Mom's Guide to Bbay Wipe ...The best way to use this wipe warmer is to roll up your cloth wipes, pour water or wipe solution over top of the wipes before closing the unit. Includes 4 Free Cloth Wipes: With the purchase of your wipe warmer, Prince Lionheart includes 4 of their cloth wipes for free!