reusable cotton material ultra baby wet wipes

All About Using Cloth Baby Wipes | This West Coast Mommy- reusable cotton material ultra baby wet wipes ,Dry Wipes. The next question is whether to store them wet or dry. I used a dry system. All my wipes were dry until right before I used them. At home I got into the routine of grabbing a wipe (or two if I could smell there was something messy in there), running them under the tap, and giving them a quick squeeze to get the excess water out before bringing baby to the change table.Portable Wet Wipe Pouch Reusable & Refillable Baby ...Reusable & Refillable: The wet wipe pouch features a durable zipper design that makes it easy to put wipes in; the classic flip-up parts allows you to take out the wipes at any time and keep the wipes moist.