tazza® 70 alcohol-based hand sanitizing wipes

Health & Wellness Products, Hand Sanitizing Dispensers & Wipes- tazza® 70 alcohol-based hand sanitizing wipes ,Founded in 2006, we have made it our mission to provide you the best hand sanitizing & Surface Cleaning Wipe solutions for your space. Our 70% alcohol-based wipes, alcohol-free wipes, and sanitizer dispensers, can be found at more than 35,000 locations across the nation where they continue to make the environment they are in safer, cleaner, and healthier.Tazza® 70% Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizing Wipes ...Tazza® 70% Brand Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizing Wipes both gently sanitize hands and clean surfaces at the same time. These pre-moistened 70% Ethanol based alcohol formula wipes are safe for skin and surfaces - providing an effective and efficient way to clean while killing germs at the same time.