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3 Homemade Makeup Removers You Can Make in Your Kitchen- makeup remover homemade ,For those particular occasions, I did some research and found easy DIY recipes for homemade makeup remover. You can find every necessary ingredient either in your pantry or nearby at a pharmacy or grocery store. Below, find everything you need to keep your face clean and makeup-free before bed.7 Natural DIY Makeup Remover Recipes for Healthy Skin ...To use witch hazel as a DIY makeup remover: Use witch hazel on its own or diluted 50:50 with water. Soak the corner of a washcloth or cotton makeup pad and remove makeup in circular motions. 3. Aloe Vera. Combine aloe vera gel with a couple of skin-nourishing ingredients to whisk away makeup and impurities. To use aloe vera as a DIY makeup remover: