reusable baby wipes solution

My Three Favorite Homemade Wipes Solution Recipes!- reusable baby wipes solution ,-2 tbsp liquid soap or baby wash. Anti-Fungal Wipes Solution. This is a good one for treating and preventing yeast infection rashes. Leave out the vinegar if using on raw skin, as it will aggravate it. ... Hi, I tried putting pre-soaked reusable cloth wipes in a warmer before (with my first baby) and it made them mouldy on day 3, be careful ...Make Your Own Recycled Cloth Wipes with a Homemade Cloth ...You can also store cloth wipes that have been pre-moistened with this solution in plastic bags, aluminum tins, or an old, clean, baby wipe dispenser. Notes I used rose water to add a mild fragrance without the need to add any essential oils.