homemade flushable toilet wipes

DIY Toilet Paper Spray: The Butt Wipes Alternative - Gym ...- homemade flushable toilet wipes ,While my homemade wipes are super cheap to make, there is the unseen cost to consider. The effect of flushable wipes on our plumbing and sewage treatment infrastructure is widespread and damaging. I decided to switch to a toilet paper spray which is so much easier to make! The worst part of making wipes is cutting the paper towel roll.DIY Flushable Moist Toilet Wipes & Household Kitchen WipesMy son hates using regular toilet paper to clean his bum. He likes the flushable, moist toilet wipes, but I was getting tired of paying for them. Plus I like to keep things very natural and wasn't keen on the perfumes and chemicals in the wipes. This is the same for the disposable kitchen/household wipes. I love them, but don't like the price nor the chemicals.