cleaning use and non-woven material wet wipe

Wet Wipes material Manufacturers,Wholesale Wet Wipes ...- cleaning use and non-woven material wet wipe ,WIPEX Nonwovens Co.,Ltd is a China Wet Wipes material Manufacturers and wholesale Wet Wipes material suppliers,product Details:By high-tech German spunlace productionlines,our spunlace nonwovens are soft,no fluffy,low linting,highly durable.They are widely used in production of industrial wipes,household wipes,beauty care products, wet wipes and surgical gown.With different fibers like viscose ...Cleanroom Wipes Guide: Woven and Non-Woven ISO Protocol ...Woven wipes, also known as knitted wipes, assist contamination control in critical environments. Woven fabrics are the highest quality cleanroom wipes on the market today.Low levels of NVRs and superb particle removal is ideal for critical class environments. Unlike nonwoven fabrics, woven cleanroom fabrics are formed by knitting or looping monofilament, continuous polyesters or other synthetics.