100 water wet wipes

Alcohol Wet Wipes - 100 sheets - Dr. J's Natural- 100 water wet wipes ,The textured surface of each hypoallergenic wipe is designed to easily remove dirt from your hands. These wipes are gentle and contain Aloe Vera to soothe and protect the skin. Each tub of Dr. J's Natural Alcohol Wipes contains 100 towelettes that are accessible through a convenient pop-up spout.Wet Wipe Machine: The Complete Guide - SaintyTecThe main constituent of wet wipes cleansing ingredients is water, which acts as diluent and carrier of other ingredients. The wipes also consist of mild detergents blended with fragrance, preservatives, and moisturizing agents. The commonly used detergents are referred to as amphoteric surfactants, the same as those used in baby shampoos.