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Udder Wipes | Fourtress Dairy Hygiene Range- udder wipes dairy ,Udder Wipes: Mixing with Yellow label products can cause the wipe material to become warm and in extreme cases, ignite. pH: pH 2.5 (liquid) Appearance: Clear, liquid impregnated on biodegradable wipes; Shelf Life: 2 years from the date of manufacture; Storage Conditions: Prevent from freezing, store above 4°C Udder Wipes should be used as ...Homemade Wet Wipe Recipe - Millhorn FarmsteadANTI-AGING MAKE-UP REMOVER WIPES. 2 1/4 cups boiled or filtered water, room temperature 1/4 cup 1:5 branch-basics all-purpose cleaner Or 1 tablespoons concentrate. 10 drops Carrot seed AND Frankincense essential oil 2 tablespoons Jojoba oil 50 cloth like paper towels. Place water, essential Oils and Branch basics in a glass quart jar and shake shake shake.