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Amazon Best Sellers: Best Dog Grooming Wipes- pet eye cleaning wipes coupons ,Pet Wipes for Dogs & Cats, Deodorizing Hypoallergenic Dog Wipes, 100% Fragrance Free, Natural & Friendly Pet Grooming Wipes for Cleaning Faces Bums Eyes Ears Paws Teeth, 100Count Per Pack 4.7 out of 5 stars 107Dog Ear Cleaners: Eye Wipes & Ear Cleaning Products | PetSmartDog eye wipes and tear stain removal cleansing pads help keep their eyes clean. Dog ear wipes and cleaning liquids are specially designed for pets to help remove debris without irritating their ears. For stubborn ear wax, you can find liquid formulas to apply to the inner ear, but do not insert any swabs or other foreign objects into the ear canal.