cleaning mighty cooling unit

How to clean the Mighty Vaporizer - 420 VapeZone- cleaning mighty cooling unit ,Cleaning the Mighty vaporizer is essential to maximizing performance. If your Mighty is your most used vaporizer, we highly recommend buying the 3x pack of cooling units. With 4 cooling units, you can cycle through all 4 and clean them all at once. This means 1/4th the cleaning energy! Cleaning the Mighty vaporizer videoHow to Clean the Mighty Vaporizer - VapeNationFollow along as we clean the Mighty cooling mouthpiece and related parts. How Often Do You Need to Clean Mighty? Probably once every 4-6 weeks or else Mighty starts to get a lot of thick gunky THC resin build-up that's like cleaning hardened maple syrup off plastic. Soak your stuff first as you'll see.