can you use baby wipes in toilet

DIY Homemade Flushable Wet Wipes - Gym Craft Laundry- can you use baby wipes in toilet ,Furthermore, this one change from using baby wipe containers to a tall plastic container made dispensing a great deal easier. I used a super sharp knife to cut a roll of paper towels in half. Based on news reports regarding the havoc wipes are causing in city sewage systems, you can use biodegradable paper towels.Baby Wipes Are Not Flushable: How To Unclog Your Toilet ...What do baby wipes and a blocked toilet have in common? When potty training a toddler, many parents use diaper wipes or marketed toddler toilet wipes to clean the bottom of their little one. Unfortunately, while some of these products may be advertised as being flushable, over time they can cause an ugly block to occur in your sewer pipes.